Sponsorship & Support

Thank You 2018 Sponsors!!

The Value of Sponsorship

The goal of BSidesSTL is to offer small intimate events where all participants can engage each other to help develop connections and friendships, and network with different industry professionals. We recognize the value in engaging a smaller audience and being the big fish in a small pond. Every organization will have different goals and priorities. This is why we offer different levels of participation for every individual, group, or organization. We have specifically designed several different options for any-sized organization to participate and support this event.

Reasons to Show Your Support

We recognize your desire to not only support a great event but also to see a return on your investment. The following are a list of direct benefits you will realize as an event sponsor.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

Depending on the level of sponsorship, you may recognize your brand placement on some or all of the following: t-shirts, signage, lanyards, lunch sessions, attendee badges, and more. Based on your level of participation, creative and custom branding may be arranged including transportation, banners, and podcast interviews.

Big Fish, Small Pond

For some, sponsoring large events is not within their price range, leaving them with no option for communicating their message. BSides is just the place for you! This small, community atmosphere brings together active and engaged participants who want to absorb information. Sponsoring our BSidesSTL event enables you to be that big fish in a small pond and better communicate your message to an active audience.

Stay in Touch with the Industry

BSidesSTL enables its supporters and participants to identify and connect with industry leaders and voices. These participants represent the social networking of information security. They are the people who you want to engage to solicit feedback and bring voice to your conversation.

Stay Abreast on the Next Big Thing

Nobody knows what the “next big thing” will be, but these events are community-driven with presentations voted upon by the industry. There is no magic to how it works, but we believe that listening to the underground can help you prepare and identify what the next big thing might be.

Sponsorship Levels

Diamond – $5,000 (UNAVAILABLE)
Platinum - $4,000 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Gold - $3,000 (UNAVAILABLE)
Silver – $2,000 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Bronze - $1,000 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Basic Sponsorship - $500 (STILL AVAILABLE)

À la Carte Sponsorships

All items below are things that would help to ensure that BSidesSTL is one of the premier local and annual information security conferences! Remember: The more times they see your name, the more they will remember it!

After Party - $3,000 (STILL AVAILABLE)

There ain't no party like a BSides party! Help us cover the bar tab at the best part of any con, the after party. The after party provides a great environment to share ideas, recruit your next genius, and just have a good time with like-minded folks.

Adopt-a-Speaker - $500 (STILL AVAILABLE)

Provide a stipend for speakers who need a little help getting to Saint Louis to share their ideas and research.

Code of Conduct